Etna Rosso 2015 (Madaudo)

Wine Card

Here’s another champion of price vs quality, recently picked in a large-scale distribution in Milan, Italy. Even if I might be biased for my natural inclination about the Etna Rosso appellation, it goes fairly easy to consider this wine a smart choice indeed. Precisely regarding the vintage 2015, which was marked by a burning hot summer that made up the alcoholic strength noticeably high. Nevertheless the wine is still quite elegant and balanced, as it shows cleanliness next to fruitiness.

Wine Details
Name and appellation: Barone di Bernaj, Etna Rosso DOC
Vintage: 2015
Producer: Madaudo
Place of origin: Sicily (Italy)
Grape variety: Nerello Mascalese (90%), Nerello Cappuccio (10%)
Alcohol strength: 15% vol.

Appreciation Profile
Type: dry red
Style: racy (lively and expressive)
Varietal wine alike: Sangiovese (Toscana, Ita), Aglianico del Vulture (Basilicata, Ita)
Food pairings: roast beef, grilled pork meat
Aging potential: drink now
Best value (reviewed vintage): price range €5 – €6 (0,75 L)

Sensory Analysis
1) Appearance (visual evaluation)
Clarity: neat
Color: ruby red
Saturation: vivid
2) Smell (olfactory evaluation)
Purity: clean
Fragrance: noticeable
Aroma (nose): fruity (red berries)
3) Flavor (gustatory evaluation)
Balance: accurate
Sapidity: mild
Taste: dry
Aroma (mouth): fruity, sligthly mineral
Structure: supple
Texture: lean
4) Aftertaste (overall conclusion)
Mouthfeel: moist
Finish: lasting
Fruit: juicy
Alcohol: strong
Evolution: mature
Complexity: likeable