Barolo Rocche di Castelletto 2012 (Cascina Chicco)

Wine Card

Barolo is one of the finest wines (appellation of origin) in the world. So, it is not surprising that it can be fairly expensive and also rather complex to appreciate, therefore not fully suitable for all palates and budgets. Well, this is not the case for Cascina Chicco’s Barolo “Rocche di Castelletto” 2012, which stands out for drinkability and affordability.
Characterized by light garnet appearance and fragrant aroma of berries and sweet flowery notes, it shows an accurate balance of fruitiness and lightness of touch. The style is elegant, as broad as gentle.

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Wine Details
Name and appellation: Rocche di Castelletto Barolo DOCG
Vintage: 2012
Producer: Cascina Chicco
Place of origin: Piedmont (Italy)
Grape variety: Nebbiolo

Appreciation Profile
Type: dry red
Style: elegant
Varietal wine alike: Pinot Noir (Russian Valley, CA), Carignano (Sardinia, Ita)
Food pairings: lamb, beef filet
Aging potential: drink now through 2022
Best value (reviewed vintage): price range €35 – €40 (0,75 L)

Sensory Analysis
1) Appearance (visual evaluation)
Clarity: neat
Color: orange red (garnet)
Saturation: light
2) Smell (olfactory evaluation)
Purity: definite
Fragrance: fragrant
Aroma (nose): fruity (blueberry, soft fruits), floral (violet)
3) Flavor (gustatory evaluation)
Balance: balanced
Sapidity: sapid
Taste: dry
Aroma (mouth): floral (sweet hints of wildflowers), fruity (red berries)
Structure: supple
Texture: lean
4) Aftertaste (overall conclusions)
Mouthfeel: moist
Finish: lasting
Fruit: juicy
Alcohol: brisk
Evolution: mature
Complexity: likeable