Dolcetto Dogliani 2018 (Basecinque)

Wine Card

Surprisingly available on the shelves of a well-known Italian supermarket, this enjoyable Dogliani DOCG is the result of a not-so-common teamworking of four small, quality oriented winemakers, who have joined together to promote the knowledge of Dolcetto wine. Clean in its appearance of a vivid purple red as well as in the fruity (little red cherries) and delicately flowery aroma.
Sincere approach to the fundamentals of Dolcetto grape, this wine is as simple as refined, with a light handed touch which pairs well with a variety of easygoing dishes.

Wine Details
Name and appellation: Dolcetto Dogliani DOCG
Vintage: 2018
Producer: Basecinque
Place of origin: Piemonte (Italy)
Grape variety: Dolcetto
Alcohol strength: 13% vol.

Appreciation Profile
Type: dry red
Style: subtle (light-handed & polished)
Varietal wine alike: Teroldego Rotaliano (Trentino, Ita), Merlot (Veneto and Friuli, Ita)
Food pairings: charcuterie, pasta/risotto with porcini mushrooms, chicken and turkey
Aging potential: drink now
Best value (reviewed vintage): price range €5 – €6 (0,75 L)

Sensory Analysis
1) Appearance (visual evaluation)
Clarity: neat
Color: purplish red
Saturation: vivid
2) Smell (olfactory evaluation)
Purity: clean
Fragrance: noticeable
Aroma (nose): fruity (red cherry), floral (violet)
3) Flavor (gustatory evaluation)
Balance: accurate
Sapidity: mild
Taste: lightly sour
Aroma (mouth): fruity (red berries), floral
Structure: crisp
Texture: lean
4) Aftertaste (overall conclusion)
Mouthfeel: moist
Finish: lasting
Fruit: fresh
Alcohol: brisk
Evolution: mature
Complexity: likeable