What’s your favorite wine style?

Wine is probably the most attractive alcoholic drink worldwide: many of us enjoy it on a regular basis, paired or not with food, perhaps while chatting with friends or unwinding on the porch.

Some may call themselves experts, some just ordinary drinkers, but all wine loving people have in common the appreciation of its sensitive properties, such as appearance, smell, flavor and body, perceived as visual, olfactory, gustatory sensations.

Obviously we don’t all share the same likings about different wine grapes and styles, but fortunately there’s a huge variety to choose from in the path that leads to the right wine for everyone.

An interesting question to ask ourselves may therefore be the following: “what are the characteristics of wine that match my taste?“.

Well, that is what this blog is all about!

The purpose of WineAboutYou (aka WAY blog) is to provide information, expertise, advice and support aimed at increasing awareness of the relationship that binds the sensations evoked by wine with the corresponding sensitive (organoleptic) properties that distinguish it.

For everyone seeking greater confidence while tasting wine or willing to plunge into the depths of its several nuances, the WAY blog is definitely an inspiring source of knowledge, as useful as accessible.

Articles, reviews, tools and insights at your fingertips, to help you pick the most suitable wines and get the best out of every glass and bottle!