Wine in your own way

This is not the same old blog about wine, filled with images and evaluations of Chateau and Grand Cru off the charts and from the oldest vintages only.

The mission of WineAboutYou is to write about wines for real, common people, eager to gain greater awareness and self-confidence when they buy, store, serve, drink, appreciate and talk about wine.

Not to be misunderstood: will be my pleasure (and delight as a wine lover) to taste and write about great wines from noble wineries. Anyway, my goal is definitely to introduce and recommend those wines having an outstanding quality, still being accessible and affordable for most of us.

This is my drive as a wine hunter, coach and blogger. Stirring sensations and knowledge at the same time, to give you insights and inspiration about wines that are all about your taste and personality.


Well, what is the wine about you?


Max Martelli @wineaboutyou

Independent Wine Coach, Hunter, Blogger

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I define myself as a wine coach because I believe it is the most suitable term to express my attitude and expertise regarding wine. I am above all passionate about this magic beverage, so varied, as complex as it is inviting, that I love to appreciate in good company, also to share feelings and thoughts that only wine can evoke.

In my working career I’ve been IT guy, IT manager, process analyst and business director. Then in 2012 I founded my Company to enter the wine business as an entrepreneur. I quickly realized that what I loved most was meeting the winemakers to select their best wines for the customers of my wine bar & shop in Milan’s city centre, but not just to make good sales…

The nicest part of my job was related to the narrative and experiential side of wine, so that I started to develop wine-centric initiatives, carried out personally through tastings and courses designed specifically for individuals and corporates. Today, I committed myself full-time in this activity that is growing further with the edition of this brand new blog dedicated to wine.

After talking about wine for years, I am now starting to write about it too, in the hope that you’ll find my contributions interesting and become a regular reader.