Wine Tasting Experience

If you are interested in a tasting experience that stands “out of the pack” and would like to learn more about wines in a relaxed and entertaining way, then look no further!

Pick your favourite format or get in touch to arrange a private or corporate wine tasting session tailored to your specific requirements.


WINE LOUNGE  –  tasting with the coach

Duration: 1 hour  |  Days and times: Mon-Sat according to availability

Take advantage of this easygoing tasting with a personal wine coach, to satisfy your curiosity about wine while sipping three carefully selected Italian wines.

Enjoy this unique wine experience to spend together with a partner or a group of friends and colleagues.


WINE WAY   –  discover your own kind of wine

Duration: 1 hour  |  Days and times: Mon-Sat according to availability

A tasting experience that is all about you, aimed at finding out the style of your most suitable wine. Tasting side-by-side three comparable wines, based on the color of your choice, reveals the subtle differences referring to the look, smell, flavour and body that feature your own kind of wine.

You are also taught to get more comfortable with wine words and descriptions, to make sure you always get what you want when ordering in a restaurant or a store.


WINE CLASS  –  learn the essential of wine

Duration: 1,5 hour  |  Days and times: Mon-Sat according to availability

This experience is for those who wish to expand their knowledge of wine through an educational tasting guided by an expert wine coach.

During the class you will sample three fine Italian wines, different by type and place of origin, and learn the fundamentals of sensory tasting, winemaking process, grape varieties and wine regions.


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