Come taste with me!

Did you know that Milan is recognized not just for being the heart of fashion and design but for the many opportunities offered to wine lovers as well?

Wine bars (enoteca), bistros, restaurants and hotels are all suitable places to enjoy excellent Italian wines from all over the Country. Well, all you need is Google… maybe!

Because if you are looking for a truly unique tasting experience, where to enjoy fine wines while empowering your ability to recognize and describe them like a pro, then come and taste with me!

As a coach I will guide you through the engaging exploration of wine’s sensitive properties, so that you can gain experience about how to relate your visual, olfactory, gustatory sensations to the qualities of what you are tasting.

Tastings take place in selected venues located in the centre of Milan, with everything in place for your most enjoyable experience.

Find out the one that suits you best or get in touch to arrange a bespoke private or corporate wine tasting session.


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