“Marsen” Barbera 2011 (Pomodolce)

Wine Card

The characteristic juiciness of Barbera grape is taken to extremes in this powerful wine. Looks immediately strong at first sight due to a thick body in a dark red dress, that lightens slightly at the rim as a sign of maturity. On the nose the aroma is noticeable but not as deep as the flavour on the palate, markedly focused on ripe berries not without herbaceous hints that persist in a long bitterish finish. Unconventionally bold Barbera, suitable for those who appreciate a vigorous rustic style of wine.

Wine Details
Name and appellation: “Marsen” Colli Tortonesi Monleale 2011 DOC
Vintage: 2011
Producer: Pomodolce
Place of origin: Piedmont (Italy)
Grape variety: Barbera
Alcohol strength: 15.5% vol.

Appreciation Profile
Type: dry red
Style: bold (hefty and opulent)
Varietal wine alike: Cabernet Sauvignon (Italy, California, Australia), Carmenere (Chile, Argentina)
Food pairings: grilled, smoked red meats and game
Aging potential: drink now through 2022
Best value (reviewed vintage): price range €20 – €25 (0,75 L)

Sensory Analysis
1) Appearance (visual evaluation)
Clarity: clear
Color: ruby red
Saturation: dark
2) Smell (olfactory evaluation)
Purity: clean
Fragrance: noticeable
Aroma (nose): fruity (sour cherry, wild berries), herbaceous
3) Flavor (gustatory evaluation)
Balance: accurate
Sapidity: rich
Taste: sour with a bittersweet finish
Aroma (mouth): fruity (ripe berries), herbaceous, slightly oaky
Structure: crisp
Texture: thick
4) Aftertaste (overall conclusion)
Mouthfeel: smooth
Finish: long
Fruit: mellow
Alcohol: strong
Evolution: mature
Complexity: rustic