“Fuchsleiten” Pinot Nero 2018 (Pfitscher)

Wine Card

Pfitscher’s Fuchsleiten clearly displays a trait that I take into high consideration regarding a wine’s quality: the balance between ambition and outcome. It stands out for its stylistic cleanliness respecting the typicality of the Pinot Noir grape, carefully avoiding falling into the wide array of lame imitations of the Burgundy’s model.
Rightly, this 2018 is still a little young in relation to its aging potential. Nevertheless the fragrant fruity freshness, together with a smooth mouthfeel, make it perfectly ready for those who appreciate a light-handed wine style.

Wine Details
Name and appellation: “Fuchsleiten” Pinot Nero Alto Adige DOC
Vintage: 2018
Producer: Pfitscher
Place of origin: Alto Adige (Italy)
Grape variety: Pinot Noir
Alcohol strength: 13% vol.

Appreciation Profile
Type: dry red
Style: subtle (light-handed and polished).
Varietal wine alike: Pinotage (South Africa), Pinot Noir (Oregon).
Food pairings: tenderloin, omelette, quiche, terrines, patés.
Aging potential: drink now through 2023.
Best value (reviewed vintage): price range €17 – €19 (0,75 L).

Sensory Analysis
1) Appearance (visual evaluation)
Clarity: neat
Color: ruby red
Saturation: light

2) Smell (olfactory evaluation)
Purity: definite
Fragrance: fragrant
Aroma (nose): fruity (strawberry, pomegranate), floral

3) Flavor (gustatory evaluation)
Balance: balanced
Sapidity: mild
Taste: dry, with a pinch of sour freshness
Aroma (mouth): fruity (red berries)
Structure: soft
Texture: lean

4) Aftertaste (overall conclusion)
Mouthfeel: smooth
Finish: lasting
Fruit: fresh
Alcohol: light
Evolution: ready
Complexity: fine